Week 5 – Course Audit

The last six weeks I have been working through the ENGL 201 course material. I have been learning about different elements of the term Digital Humanities. This has been my experience in the course:

When I came into the class, I was unsure about how this course would go since my tech skills are average. What I have appreciated so much is even though I had to take time to learn new programs, it was never really difficult, or impossible to complete.

Grant and Annalise have been very helpful through the process. They always took the time to answer questions and messages. Annalise made youtube videos, which gave a better understanding of the elements of digital humanities being explored in our weekly projects. I loved the inclusion of Mattermost in the course because it gave a channel to quickly have questions answered, as well as have access to other classmates.

One thing I have found difficult in the class is the final project and the project proposal. I wish there had been slightly more explanation on what to do on each project. For example, on the final project, it was not overly clear as to what level a digital humanities project had to be worked out, or how things were to be cited. Overall, the projects were understandable with the information given, but more details would have been useful. As well, examples of what was expected would have been helpful in developing our own digital humanities projects.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class and felt like I learned a ton. I am looking forward to incorporating programs like hypothes.is and Evernote into my schoolwork and life, as well as using storymap js and timeline js in my career as a teacher. The practical learning component of this course was extremely high!

Thank you for a great course!


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