Week 4 – Storymap JS

This week I created a small story map. Here is the link to my story map showcasing my trip to Thailand:


Overall, I enjoyed using this program, and I love the final look of the story map. It reminded me a lot of Prezi, which has similar features like the ability to zoom in as well as moving to show different elements of the background picture. When looking at examples of story maps, it really helped the story being told come alive. I loved how easy it was to upload photos, add text and change the background colour. It was also super simple to share and save.

It did take me a little while to figure out how it worked. I had to watch a tutorial or two on youtube to figure out how to change the font and the background map. However, once I knew where all the editing tools were located it was really easy to navigate. I do wish there were more options for background maps, as the choices were quite limited.

All in all, I had fun using this program and would use it again for other projects or presentations.


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