Week 2 – Evernote Notebook

Here is my ENGL 201 Evernote notebook. This notebook contains 5 notes of different digital humanities projects that I found interesting. Here is the link to my notebook:


The first project ALCIDE is a tool used to help humanities scholars easily analyze large documents or portions of texts. Immediately, this project stood out to me as someone who currently spends a great deal of time reading long and wordy texts for my degree. I always struggle to stay engaged with the text when it is so long, as well as effectively annotate the text so that when I go back to it later I can quickly see what stood out to me as important. This project is a project that I can see being very beneficial to humanities scholars and students in research and writing.

The second project I looked at is an online encyclopedia containing sources pertaining to WWI. These sources ranged from websites to pictures, as well as maps and timelines. One exceptionally interesting feature of this project is a scrollable timeline outlining the whole war. It is an amazing visual to help aid in the understanding of what happened. All of the sources are categorized by topic as well as year to make for easy searching on the part of the user. This is an incredible source for academics and researches studying the first world war.

The third project I looked at was CATMA. CATMA provides multiple tools to annotate and analyze online web sources and documents. It is simular to the program we are using in this class hypothes.is in several ways. However, one very interesting feature of this project is its ability to work in a wide range of languages, making it very accessible to people all over the world. This program was created using javascript, a software using HTML code.

The fourth project I explored was Etalks. Etalks makes it possible for people to easily edit and upload their full presentations. Different than a youtube video or a podcast, this projects allows for people to compile text, sound and visuals into one presentation for easy viewing, and a greater ability for researchers to give a better viewing experience to people watching from anywhere. As someone who loves TED talks and podcasts this project is super appealing in being able to experience a presentation like I am actually there.

Finally, the fifth project I looked at is called, Sagnagrunner an online map project providing a location to Icelandic legends. This project uses google maps to provide the map and the ability to scroll in and out on specific locations while placing links over top of the locations of where the legends originated. You are able to go directly from the map to the legend itself. For people interested in or doing research in this area it is an incredible tool to quickly and easily be able to identify the origins of the legends.

It was very interesting searching through and viewing several different digital humanities projects. I enjoyed finding programs that would be beneficial to me in my life as a student, as well as programs making different kinds of information easily available.


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